About Us

Our staying power is a testament to the skill of our people enabling us to gain wisdom that few companies in our field possess.

With numerous web design companies to choose from, it may be difficult to decide which company will design, maintain or search engine optimize your web site. At Cherry Innovators, we specialize specifically in website design, website maintenance, and search engine optimization. We focus on the developmental aspect of the web pages for your website. We concentrate on designing websites that will visually communicate your image to promote your professional objective to the world.New breakthroughs in technology mandate the need for continuous education. New trends and ideas are constant. Cherry Innovators commit ourselves to evolve with the Internet by researching, learning, and implementing new ideas in all areas of web design.

Building Websites that Create Customers

A website designed by Hotweazel.com will bring visitors to your site and, more importantly, reflect both your taste and your respect for them. Your visitors won't be lost in a maze of hidden pages,

and they will find navigating your site as easy as it is informative. We believe a website is only successful if it's visited and used, not if it just looks great on the screen.

Keeping it simple

We will eliminate the guesswork of creating a custom and usable website. Many companies and individuals are confused about where to begin or what steps to take when deciding to initiate a presence on the Internet, and many more have seen or been stuck with an unfriendly, garish, or confusing site. We will happily assist you all throughout the process, from proposal to implementation.

Our mission is to serve our clients--big or small--with the same passion, integrity, loyalty and effectiveness as possible, without the high expense normally associated with these types of services.

The culture of an organization is derived from the values instilled by the company's founder and maintained throughout the company's business practices. The owner has intense experience in creating a culture in which his personal and business missions are best served. In 2010, Cherry Innovators, was started as a part-time design firm that developed print collateral for business and subsequently brokered printing for the items. The firm placed emphasis on providing a quality product at a competitive rate.Some of our working fields are

  • Custom web and graphic design.
  • Custom web application.
  • Website development & maintenance.
  • Website testing service.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing.
  • Website hosting, domain name registration.